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Rah Island belongs to the island state of Vanuatu, is a small Island in the South Pacific. Rah is one of the Banks Islands in the northern part of Vanuatu and there is an airport located on the neighbour Island Mota Lava. Air Vanuatu operates two weekly flights from Espiritu Santos to Mota Lava. Arrived in Mota Lava, Rah can be reached within an hour’s truck drive and a short canoe trip across the lagoon.

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Pacific Ocean

On Rah Island live around 200 people and they live mostly autarkic. They plant their food like vegetables, sweet potatoes or yam in their gardens and fish daily fresh sea food to consume. They build their bungalows with their own hands, using natural materials in their surroundings. The drinking water supply is secured through a water pipeline underneath the lagoon from Mota Lava to Rah with fresh groundwater.

There is not much electricity on the Island apart from one generator, that generates electricity for the lamps around Rah Paradise Bungalows. Apart from that one generator, which is often also unused, the inhabitants use small solar panels to recharge their phones. Other than that, they live with the day light and go back home when it’s getting dark. It is a basic, but very calm and relaxing life style on Rah Island. Currently are three small shops open on Rah. Two stores are selling a small range of snacks, soft drinks and even some souvenirs and the third store is selling beers and wine bottles. 

A small kindergarten is located on Rah Island where kids from the age of four to six attend daily classes. For the primary and secondary school, the kids go over the lagoon by canoe to the neighbour Island Mota Lava. They can choose between attending the French or the English school. If they want to go to a college, they have to leave the Island and go to a bigger Island in Vanuatu.

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Current chief of Rah Island

Bryan is the current chief of Rah Island. In every community exists a chief, who is elected by the community members. He keeps the overview about the happenings on the island and helps the inhabitants with all kind of concerns. Apart from his title, Bryan is not haughty at all and assists the community as soon as there is work to do.

Rah Island - Sunset
Rah Island
Rah Island - View to Mota Lava
Rah Island - Palm Island
Rah Island
Rah Island - Way to school
Rah Island - Chief

On Rah Island are three additional bungalow providers. All of them offer affordable accommodations with all-inclusive services. Most of them have only two bungalows each and are family businesses. Click here, for more details.

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