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With the establishment of soft tourism on Rah Island, we like to transfer the cultural knowledge from the inhabitants to the tourists and vice versa. Our customer can profit from our happiness about daily life and our unique mentality. Rah Island is a beautiful and one could say paradise-like Island but the most special part of Rah is the authentic kindness and open-hearted mentality of our people. Not without reason, ni-Vanuatu (indigenous population of Vanuatu) are regarded as the happiest people on earth.

Father Luke († June 2017), who was a pioneer for tourism on Rah Island with a lot of new ideas, established the family business “Rah Paradise Bungalows” in 1993 with the vision of building a holiday destination for tourists. After Father Luke passed away, his son Yang Dini, took over the family business with the support of his two brothers John and Pattison Dini. 

The entire family Dini will take every effort to ensure that you enjoy your stay to the fullest and will never forget this experience. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, we are happy to help you.

Yang Dini


Owner of Rah Paradise Bungalows

Yang is very down-to-earth, reliable and always happy to help you with any wishes. For example, he can support you with the organization of day trips and activities.

Rachel Dini


Head-chef and host

Rachel is Yang’s wife and treats the tourists with delicious regional food and fresh fish as well as a heartily atmosphere. Rachel talks fluently French and English.

John Dini


Co-Owner of Rah Paradise Bungalows

John is the oldest son of Father Luke and runs together with Yang the tourist accommodation. He supports the family business in every way possible.

Pattison Dini


Tourist Guide

Pattison is the youngest son of Father Luke and an All-Around-Guy. He loves to tell interesting legends, explains their traditions to tourists and is always up for an adventure. Pattison translates everything in English or French for the visitors.


Rah Paradise Bungalows

Rah Island, Vanuatu

Tel: +678 537 80 84

       +678 592 74 35

Thanks! Message sent. The Rah Paradise Bungalows-Team will contact you as soons as possible.

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