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  • How do I get to Rah Island?
    You best book a flight to Mota Lava. At the airport you’ll be picked up by a truck and driven to the south. From there you’ll cruise with a motorboat to Rah Island. Please let us know about your flight details so we can arrange the pick-up service for you. The costs for the pick-up (around 1500 Vatu per Person) have to be paid directly to your driver.
  • How can I contact Rah Paradise Bungalows?
    You can contact us directly via telephone or per mail. But you can also send us a message on our facebook page (RahParadiseBungalows). Email: Phone / WhatsApp: Pattison Dini: +678 592 74 35 Rachel Dini: +678 537 80 84
  • How can I pay? Can I pay with credit card?
    Note that only cash payments are possible on Rah Island. Please use an ATM before you take your flight to Mota Lava, since there is no possibility to withdraw any cash on Rah Island and Mota Lava at the moment. We only accept Vatus.
  • What are the essentials for the island?
    To enjoy your trip to Rah Island to the fullest we recommend to bring a mosquito repellent, sunscreen, a flash light and reef shoes to walk in the water. Furthermore, we recommend a camera to capture the incredible moments and also a power bank, if you like to charge any electronical devices.
  • Are there any shops on Rah Island?
    Rah Island has two shops where you can buy a few souvenirs, beverages and snacks.
  • Are there any restaurants?
    There are no restaurants on Rah Island at the moment. Don’t worry, you won’t starve. You’ll be served three delicious meals a day at your chosen bungalow.
  • Can I charge my electronic devices?
    Rah Island is a remote island without electricity. You best charge your devices with a loaded power bank or simply enjoy the time without electronic devices.
  • Do I have to bring drinking water?
    The water served on Paradise Bungalows is drinkable. For day trips, we recommend to bring a bottle with you to refill.
  • How is the day and night cycle?
    The sun rises at 5:00am (October – March) or 6:00am (April – September) and sets around 5:30pm (April – September) or 6.30pm (December-February).
  • Can I bring something to support the inhabitants of Rah?
    You do not have to but if you want, sure! The kindergarten is always happy about new toys, pens and other materials. Some inhabitants might as well be happy to receive a souvenir from your country. Please try to avoid bringing too much plastic goods to the island.
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