Spend your time on Rah Island with various activities such as the famous Snake Dance, a snorkeling or fishing trip, day trekking or enjoy your free time with the locals. As Pattison Dini once mentioned: “You invented time, we have time!”.


We are happy to give you some advice and organize as well as coordinate your activities. You do not have to book the activities in advance, you can just come and decide what part of Rah and its surrounding you would like to discover.


Our famous Snake Dance can only be enjoyed on Rah, as only locals from Rah Island are allowed to practice and dance it. You first will be introduced to the legend behind the Snake Dance before the male islanders perform it. 


Duration: approximately 45 Minutes

Price: 2500vt per person (minimum  charge fee 5000vt)

What to bring: camera


Discover how our ancestors lived hundreds of years ago by visiting the Kastom Village. You can learn about our history, get an authentic impression from daily life back then and see but also try out how they used to make fire, money or conversations.

Duration: around 2 hours

Price: 2500vt per person (minimum charge fee 5000vt)

What to bring: water bottle, camera


Book a weaving afternoon with Sara. She will show you the different things they weave for themselves, such as a bin or a bag to carry fruits. It is fascinating to see her weaving skills and the complex art of creating a basket. Try your own manual skills by weaving your own bracelet with the help of Sara.

Duration: around 2 hours

Price: 1000vt per person


Beside trekking in the bush, Ben, a local tour guide, will tell you the history of the Sleeping Mountain and share his broad knowledge about botany. Reaching the top, you will have a breathtaking view of Rah and nearby islands. After the descent you will visit one of the villages on Mota Lava. 


​Duration: half-day

Price: 2500vt per person

What to bring: good shoes for hiking, water bottle, camera 


Rah Island is not only known for its seafood delicacies. It is also a great spot to go snorkeling and fishing (traditional, sport or regular). We have a small amount of snorkeling gear to rent.


Explore TURTLE SANCTUARY and learn all about the two hundred years old creatures of this world. Upon request, we organize the day tour to Turtle Sanctuary for you. 

Duration: Full day tour

Price: 2000vt per person + 15000vt for sea transfer

What to bring: sun cream, mosquito repellent, water bottle, camera 

Mota Lava - Sleeping Mountain